Monday 20th March 2023,
Mustang Club Wrestling


You have questions – and we have answers… 

Always remember that we are here for you – the experience that your child (and you) have, is our top priority.

While we’ve attempted to answer some of the most frequently asked questions here, we know you’ll have others and we encourage you to ask – *Remember Knowledge IS Power!


How do you communicate out to the wrestlers and parents?

We use the app “Team App” to communicate out changes, cancellations, as well parents can communicate to each other for rides, pickup etc.

Do We Have To Attend All Three (3) Nights Of Practice Each Week?
Wrestlers are not required to attend practice on all three nights, but we do ask that on average they do attend at least two practice per week.  During the course of the season, the coaches are continuously building skills and often are adding “the next piece” of what was introduced previously.

Wrestlers are not required to inform MWC when they will not be in attendance, but we do appreciate you keeping to a schedule as much as possible for planning purposes.

What Is Proper Practice Attire?
Gym shorts and t-shirts are preferred practice clothing.  While wrestling shoes are helpful, they are not required, we just ask the wrestlers wear a clean pair of tennis shoes that were not worn outside on the way to practice.  Since the wrestlers are constantly in contact with that mat during practice, having gravel, mud, water or other outside items brought in and on the mats is not comfortable for anyone.

Are We Required To Stay At Practice?
Parents and guardians are NOT required to stay at practice, but are welcome to.  The wrestling room is limited in space outside the mat area and most seating is on the ground.

In the event that you do not stay, we do ask that you return to the wrestling room no less than 5 minutes before the end of your wrestlers scheduled practice time.

How Do Tournaments Work?
Throughout the greater Omaha region, you will normally find that youth wrestling is split into two categories; Novice and Advanced.

Novice is traditionally defined as first or second year wrestlers or wrestlers with a record of below .500
Advanced therefore traditionally consists of wrestlers with three or more years experience – however is considered “open” for those wishing to participate within their first two years.

Within the two categories, wrestlers are then divided up by AGE and WEIGHT.

Most NOVICE tournaments will set-up 4 man round robin brackets placing wrestlers by AGE and WEIGHT and then possibly by record if further breakdown is needed.

Advanced tournaments are also most often set-up in 4 man round robin brackets, but also may be a more traditional double elimination or two sided (winner / loser) bracket with up to 16 participants.

Most tournaments require wrestlers to pre-register and often registration closes by Wednesday of the tournament week, but may fill up sooner.  In addition to a completed registration form, you must pay an entry fee (Usually $20 per tournament per wrestler) and weigh-in at the tournament location the night before the tournament – or possibly early morning the day of.

Tournament hosts set the formats for their tournaments.

Do We Have To Go To Tournaments?
Tournament participation is not required of MWC wrestlers.

On the Sunday of Thanksgiving week-end, the Mustang Wrestling Club does sponsor a tournament and our registered members are able to participate in this tournament at no additional charge if they choose as the registration fee is part of the MWC season fees.

What Is Proper Tournament Attire?
For tournaments most wrestlers wear singlets, however many tournaments will allow wrestlers to participate in shorts and t-shirts.

The MWC does have team singlets available for sale.  New Singlets are $45 and we do have used one for $25

Wrestling shoes, kneepads and headgear are optional equipment.  These items are not available through MWC; however we do suggest you talk with our club families and discuss possible used items their child may have outgrown.