Monday 29th May 2023,
Mustang Club Wrestling

Mission & Code of Conduct


Our mission is to develop the basic positive characteristics in young people as we develop a solid winning wrestling program


It is the philosophy of the Mustang Wrestling Club to provide young people the opportunity to learn responsibility, sportsmanship, a sense of belonging to a team, and other important life skills through development and teaching the basic skills of wrestling.

Our History

The Mustang Wrestling Club was started in 2008 to provide guidance to potential future Millard North wrestlers.


The Mustang Wrestling Club operates under the guidance of Millard North High School Head Coach Scott Loveless and is operated by a volunteer Board of Directors.  Mustang Wrestling Club is a USA Wrestling sanctioend club and an active member of the Omaha Metro Area Wrestling Association (OMAWA).


Practices are held at:
Millard North High School
1010 S. 144th Street
Omaha, NE 68144


Our season will run from early November through March.

Code of Conduct

Coaches, Athletes. Athletes, Parents, and Fans

 Coaches, athletes, parents, and fans shall conduct themselves in accordance with the playing rules of the sport contest and refrain from unsportsmanlike conduct during competition.

Failure to fulfill this obligation will subject the individual(s) to the penalties at the discretion of Mustang Wrestling Club Executive Board, including mandatory education, suspension, or expulsion from club activities.

Definition of Unsportsmanlike Conduct. (from NSAA Bylaws Governing All Activities)

Unsportsmanlike conduct shall include the following: fighting, verbal abuse or dissent directed toward an official or opponent, racial or ethnic slurs, inappropriate comments or actions that may be construed as sexual harassment, profanity, obscene gestures, flagrant and violent fouls, taunting, trash talk, baiting, cheating, throwing or abusing equipment, inappropriate posters, physical intimidation or abuse of an official or opponent, and unauthorized leaving of a team bench area.

Note: More than one violation of this policy by any member of the club per year will subject the entire club to sanctions from the Omaha Metro Area Wrestling Association including, but not limited to, loss of satellite weigh-in privileges at OMAWA events, loss of ability to compete in OMAWA events, loss of ability to participate in revenue sharing opportunities.